4 logo variations every brand should have


One of the most exciting elements of starting your business is creating your brand. Each element enhances your business’s personality, from your brand colors, fonts and finally – logos.

Although branding is so much deeper than a logo, it’s often the brand logo that most visibly represents your business in the eyes of your ideal clients.

At just one glance, your logo should tell your entire brand story. Who you are, what you do and what attitude you have about your brand are all illustrated with your logo.

But did you know you should have more than one version of your logo? There are four logo variations you need to grow your brand, and we’ll review them here.

Keep reading to find out if you’re missing one of these logos!


Why are logo variations important to your brand?

Because they boost your brand awareness!

We all know super popular brands simply by spotting their logo, such as McDonald’s or Starbucks. The golden arches instantly remind you of hot, crispy fries, or the green circle with white the siren etched in the middle makes you crave a yummy coffee.

Whether you realize it or not, your logos have the exact same impact on your ideal clients. When they discover your brand logo, they’ll learn your business name and your profession, plus the colors that give off your vibe and personality.

The more you use your logos in your content, the easier your ideal clients will learn you’re someone who is familiar and reliable. Your logos help establish what is known as “know, like, trust.”

When your dream clients know about you, like who you are and trust that you’re an expert in your niche, your brand visibility grows—which can lead to more clients!


What logo variations does your brand need?

There are many logo variations for different types of brands, but these four variations are absolutely necessary for every business:

Logo variation #1 – Primary Logo

Your primary logo is the full version of your logo, and the one you will use most often to provide the essential details of your brand, like your name, business name, offer and/or tagline.

The primary logo is the design that will get your brand the most attention. Think of it as the “face” of your business.

You can use your primary logo in wide spaces like your website header as this logo is large, horizontal and adorned with the most design elements to compliment your brand style.

Logo variation #2 – Secondary Logo

Your secondary logo is an alternate version of your primary logo, usually a simplified version. Though some of the design elements are taken down a notch, your secondary logo is still super important.

It’s best to use your secondary logo where your primary logo is too big, since this logo is meant for smaller spaces like invoices, mobile website header and business cards.

Logo variation #3 – Submark Logo

The symbol of your logo is a small and simple element usually taken from your primary logo, and it can include your business name and a creative element, or just your initials. This version of your logo fits in smaller spaces without losing the quality and identifyability of your brand. You could use this on your website footer, or on social media.

Logo variation #4 – Favicon

This little guy is often forgotten by many, but in my eyes it is just as important in finalizing your style, especially when it comes to your web design.

Your favicon is strictly used as your website tab icon. You know, those tiny, adorable symbols you see on the left side of website tabs? That’s the favicon logo!

Favicon logos are mini logos consisting of only a number, letter or design mark that is customized to your brand. The little favicon logo may not seem like a big deal for your website, but I promise its presence makes all the difference as an extra special touch to your brand! It also adds that extra piece of professional touch to your business.

Do you need help with your logo design?

One thing about logo design is if you are not sure where to start, you may have a difficult time bringing your vision to life.

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