5 Reasons why your
new website needs
Google Analytics


If You’re Not Tracking Your SEO Progress, You’re Doing Your Business a Disservice!

As business owners, we go after our Passion to change the world for many reasons. Perhaps you want to provide a service for working moms, or maybe you offer a product that makes starting a business easier.

No matter what your big and bold dreams are, it can become difficult—almost impossible!—to reach out to your target audience if you aren’t actively managing your SEO.

Why is this?

Understanding your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) analytics is the key to developing a successful business.

Tracking your SEO helps you learn who your main demographic is, what products and services they need and how you should deliver them.

This way, you can create better offerings, better content and better your sales!

How do you do this?

I recommend getting familiar with Google Analytics as it is the premiere business function (i.e. marketing) of any entrepreneur’s company.

If you have a website and haven’t set up or checked your Google Analytics in a while—or if you haven’t made a website yet—here’s what you’re missing out on… and why you should get started today!


Let’s dive into the 5 main reasons why you should use Google Analytics.

#1: Google Analytics Is Free!

Yes, free!

Collecting your website’s data, customizing reports, understanding your conversion rates and sprucing up your website to the best it can be when visitors arrive is all included for free when you use Google Analytics.

If you know your business will require more in-depth reports or advanced features, you can upgrade to a recurring monthly fee.

#2: Google Anaytics Helps You Identify Your Target Market and Audience

Learning your target audience is the best way to truly connect with your potential customers.

With Google Analytics, you can discover your audience’s gender, age, device, location and even their interests!

This helps you understand who your target market and audience are, and what they want to see when they visit your website.

#3: Google Analytics Improves Your Website’s SEO

Whenever we create content for our websites and social media, we are writing to both connect with our community and increase our Google ranking (so our community has a better chance of growing!).

Because Google Analytics provides detailed feedback about how visitors are using your site—as well as what makes them leave after viewing one page or stay and click your call-to-action link—you’re able to make adjustments as needed to impress your guests.

And the more popular your website becomes as a resource for customers on their Googling journey to find answers to their questions, the better your website ranks on Google’s results list!

#4: Google Analytics Assists You With Writing Better Content

Just like the previous benefit, understanding what your potential customers want to see when they visit your website helps you write content that’s just for them.

While you should always create content that aligns with your business brand, values and experiences, crafting it in a way that speaks to your readers is something you can do with Google Analytics data about their interests!

#5: Google Analytics Helps You Accomplish Your Business Goals

Growing your business isn’t a “one and done” goal. It’s more like a moving goal post.

As you set your sights on what you want to achieve with your business, you manage them by setting short and long-term goals.

Google Analytics helps you track your progress along the way. For every email sign-up or product purchased, Google Analytics shows you exactly how far you’ve come, and where you’re headed!


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