Beauty for your passion

Your Passion made visual

Your brand is your Passion and mission made visual, and it needs to reflect your unique values and your specific journey. At the same time I believe in making things easy and accessible so that you can start with a beautiful brand no matter what season of business you are in.

Branding made easy

When you are starting out with your Passion business, you have so many things (and costs) to consider. That’s why I wanted to make beautiful branding accessible.

Scandinavian light

My style is light and minimalistic (maybe due to my Scandinavian background). I love playing with beautiful font combinations and natural colors, and think “less is more.”

For all stages

Whether you want to learn how to DIY your brand all the way, have something custom made just for you, or something in between, there is a package for you.

Always fully you!

It’s important to me that you feel 100% confident moving forward with your Passion business. The world deserves your talents and to see you in your full glory. 

Choose your package


Design your own logo

Imagine being able to design your own custom logo in Canva, in all of the needed formats (in just 1 day, btw)!

With this easy-to-follow-program you are going to learn exactly how to create the logo of your dreams (and if you need help, just grab one of the many ready-made logo templates!).


Pre-made branding

When you need a beautiful and professional brand but not the custom price tag, this one is for you.

You’ll choose one of the pre-made brands, and I will customize it for your business. No DIY skills or patience needed, and your wallet will be happy about this one too!


1:1 Branding

You are ready to invest in a customized, authentic brand for your Passion business.

Let’s discover the brand personality of your business, and create a brand expression as unique and meaningful as your Passion business. Are you ready to express yourself?

Do you have questions?

Let's chat!

Book your free discovery call, and we’ll chat on Zoom about your Passion project!

Email is cool!

Not much of a Zoom person? That’s cool, I’m an introvert so I get it. Email is cool too!

“Kaisa stands for Passion!”

Kaisa stands for passion, authenticity, loyalty, transparency, integrity and enabling others. She helped me clarify my vision and business model, and to stay clear in times of doubt and overwhelm. She provided for a very educative and fun process!

Dominika Dorobisz

Founder & Owner, Impact Body & Mind