How a brand board benefits your business


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What’s your brand board (or your brand vision board) look like for your business?

If you thought to yourself, “I don’t have one,” or even, “What the heck is that?” then let’s have a little chat about what you’re missing out on!

Brand boards are the quintessential visual representation of your business’s identity and personality. Using your passions and target market, you can build your brand’s mission statement, characteristics and values through three to four main components: brand logo, colors, fonts and images.



If you’re a new entrepreneur and haven’t made a brand board yet—or if you’ve recently pivoted in your business and your brand board could use a refresher—keep reading to learn the best ways to create your own brand board and grow your business with powerful visuals!


What goes into your brand board and how can you appeal to your customers with it?

Brand boards usually consist of the following items:

  • Main logo
  • Secondary logo and other variations
  • Submark logo (a smaller, simplified version of your main logo, usually used for your social media)
  • Color palette
  • Fonts
  • Images
  • Textures and patterns

When considering each component above, you should know the answers to three big questions:

  1. Who are you and why did you start your business?
  2. What are your values and your business’s mission?
  3. Who’s your target market and how can they benefit from your business?

Think of the answers to these questions as your business’s guidelines for you and guarantees to your clients.

For example, if you are a copywriter, your company values could be summed up with strong words and statements like “quality,” “innovation” or “driven by results.” This shows your clients that you take your work seriously, and enjoy creating fresh content that majorly serves a purpose for them.

For established entrepreneurs who own a business but are shifting gears with what services and products they offer, or who they market to, you can use your previous brand identity answers.

However, it’s a good idea to review them and ensure that they still align with who you are and what you want customers to know and feel about you.

While your brand board is not something you will neccessarily share with your customers as is, you will share individual elements of it all the time – everything visual in your business should be based on the brand board!

This will also help with that inevitable shiny-object-syndrome (or in my case the “look-a-new-fancy-font-syndrome), since you have a contract with yourself in the form of a brand board.

You’ll use the brand board as your own internal template and visual guideline making sure that all the material you make (social media posts, graphics, images etc) are in line with your business visuals guidelines.

As you may know, consistency is key to ensure your clients recognize you and start to trust your brand.


Brand board example.

Use Canva to create your perfect brand board

If you’re not a tech genius or don’t have the time to learn the intricacies of graphic design, look no further than Canva to make you look like a visual mastermind!

I’ve bragged on Canva before because it makes creating any media for your business simple but professional. With its expansive variety of templates, images, elements, fonts, color palettes, and much more, Canva is a free tool that lets you craft any and everything, especially your brand board!

Once you’ve determined the core elements of your brand as we discussed earlier, use Canva to piece together a beautiful mood board that reveals your energy, ideas and the overall tone of your business.

To use Canva’s free graphic toolkit, sign up using your email or social media login. Once your account is verified, you can build your brand board using templates such as Proposal, Poster or Book Cover.

These templates are formatted larger in length to help you fill in a good amount of space with information about your business.

You can either use prefilled templates with the images, fonts and colors already there as an example design, or you can start from scratch with a blank canvas.

Pro benefits

Canva also offers a Brand Kit to further help design your dream brand board. This feature belongs to Canva Pro, which includes other awesome goodies such as a Content Calendar and a post scheduler to all of your social media.

If you are still in the development stage of your business, or uncertain of what themes fit your brand and company, using prefilled templates can help inspire you! Or have a look at my Pinterest Board for some inspiration!

You can either use the template’s color palette, fonts, etc. or switch it up based on your tastes. Keep in mind that what attracts and stands out to you about the template’s colors, fonts, images, etc. is what will attract customers to you!

Crafting a brand board for your business is a wonderful way to consistently attract the right kind of customers with captivating visuals. You can make it as vibrant or stylish as you are as long as it feels inviting to your target audience and tells them exactly who you are.

Brand boards also serve as a personal reminder of why you are pursuing your passions, working hard and helping make your clients’ lives easier! I still love coming back to mine just to marvel at how far I have come, and what this whole journey means to me!

If you’ve been feeling a little lost or down about your business, referring to your brand board for guidance could be the boost of confidence you need to get back on track!

Tell me, what are your favorite elements on your brand board?

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