How to Build a Homepage
that Converts


Why is your home page so important?

Building your website for your passion business is essential to connecting with your audience and growing your brand, and the most pivotal page on your website is your homepage.

Why? Because in most cases it’s the first page your visitors will see! And you don’t want it to be the only page your visitors will see…

I’ve talked about how to convert visitors into customers with your services page, and while that page is important, too, your visitors may not reach it if they aren’t fully engaged by your homepage.

So, let’s dive into how to build a stellar homepage that hooks your visitors’ attention and gets them excited to work with you!


4 steps on how to build a homepage that converts


1. Know your offer

If you haven’t already, get crystal clear on what you do, who it helps and how!

When potential customers come to your website, they want a better understanding of your business and if your services/products will work for them.

The goal is to let your readers know everything about your business and why it should matter to them in less than 10 seconds.

Share this information with your readers in your homepage’s headline and description as these are the first lines of text they will encounter on your website.


2. Keep it short and sweet

Unlike your services page that goes into in-depth detail about your offer, pricing and the like, your homepage should be relatively quick to read. Scrolling for too long to find what they need may decrease your conversion rate.

You want to keep the attention of your readers long enough to provide only the necessary information and intrigue them to learn more (by clicking on the other pages of your website).

To build a home page that converts, I recommend a simple design for your homepage with a brand image that connects to the words of your headline and description, helping your readers learn the vibe of your business.

The main contents of your homepage should be:

● The headline and description
● Captivating header image (with yourself in it as a personal brand)
● Supporting image(s)
● Navigation (a.k.a. Where should your readers head next if they’re interested?)
● Your offer and benefits
● Calls-to-action

You can also include testimonials and a contact form, if you’d like. To keep the scrolling to a minimum, make your homepage web copy less than 1,000 words (this also improves your SEO).


3. Make your homepage mobile friendly

Another reason your homepage should be short, sweet and to the point is to make sure your website looks and functions well on mobile!

With so many of your potential customers heading to your website and viewing your homepage on their cell phones, be sure your website accommodates them by making your homepage easy to navigate and readable on mobile.

And, I always recommend having your own, branded social links page so that visitors coming from your social media accounts get a clear overview of only the most important links and your main call-to-action.


4. Use clear calls-to-action

This last step may seem obvious but it’s the most effective one! Structuring your homepage to include the right amount of calls-to-action (CTAs) in the right places is key to increasing your conversion rates.

Your readers should have a clear understanding of what you’d like them to do next if they want to work with you. I recommend using three calls-to-action for your homepage:

1. A CTA in your description after your headline
2. A CTA the middle of your homepage
3. A CTA the end of your homepage above your footer

This gives your readers just enough (but not too much!) encouragement to take the next step to learn more about your services, contact you or whatever you’d like them to do to become a customer!


Now you know how to build a homepage that converts!

However, if designing a homepage that converts doesn’t sound like your idea of a fun time, you can pass the work along to me!

I love helping wellness entrepreneurs like you build beautiful websites for your business so your customers have a place to get to know you and work with you.

Contact me so we can work together on building the website of your dreams!


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