How to Convert Visitors Into Customers With Your Services Page?


Why is your Services page so important?

Just like how the home page welcomes visitors to your website and encourages them to explore, your services page invites them to learn about what you offer—and why they should connect with you.

If your potential customers are browsing for specific products or services, or if they are simply curious about your business, your services page will guide them to how you can help.

A services page that is too bare or bland won’t grab the visitor’s attention. On the opposite end, a services page that is excessive and busy might confuse them!

Creating the perfect services page that converts visitors into customers is easy when you have the right tools:


  • A clear and expressive title and elevator pitch
  • Use of structure and SEO keywords
  • Testimonials and CTA (“call to action”)

Step 1: Write an Effective Title and Elevator Pitch

You know that your products and services are amazing and life-changing. Now all you have to do is convince your visitors.

Most times, if a potential customer is exploring your website, you’ve already piqued their interests. To seal the deal, title your services page with a short but concise label so visitors know exactly where to go.

You can use the standard “What we offer,” “Services,” or “Work With Us.” Or you can get creative and include your SEO keywords to attract your target audience.

Once they are there, include your elevator pitch to give them more insight about you.

Your elevator pitch should have:

● Your name
● Your title and your business description
● Who you help and why you do it

Most likely, the visitor scrolled through your home page and bypassed your about page as they are on a mission to learn as much as possible in as little time as possible.

Summarizing key details about you and your business on your services page helps them discover why working with you will impact their lives in a beautiful way!


Step 2: Structure Your Services Page To Guide The Reader With SEO Keywords

Headings, titles and keywords—oh, my!

Think of the structure of your services page as the table of contents.

There’s the heading, or the title of your page. This can also be where you put the beginning of your elevator pitch.

Next, the subheadings, or the listing of each of your products and services with descriptions beneath.

Lastly, the keywords, or the language you use to entice the reader (and Google Analytics!) to keep reading, as well as connect with them on an emotional level. This is known as sales page copy, aka building the story of why the reader should purchase.

Why is this type of structure important?

It gives your visitors a clear path to tour your services page with the information readily available and easy to read.

When you put your elevator pitch first, the reader then uses what they learned from it to understand the context of which you offer your services—and why they should book a call or purchase right then!

Each section of the structure of your services page should include SEO keywords tailored to your target market.

However, don’t jampack the keywords—make sure they read naturally and draw an emotional response from the reader (i.e. excitement, happiness, etc.) to connect with them.


Step 3: Write a Compelling Call to Action and Show Proof With Testimonials

This last step is the final decision maker for readers on your services page.

They’ve read about who you are and why you might be the perfect fit for what they need. They’ve explored all that you offer, and potentially found the exact products or services they were searching for.

Now, how do you get them to say, “Yes!” and become customers?

Tell them how you’ll change their lives for the better with your call to action—and show them the results!

Did you know that 72% of customers love to see testimonials on your website because it makes them trust you more?

Your call to action can be before or after your testimonials. As long as your CTA includes these three strategic elements, your readers will learn what a treat it is to work with you!

  • Speak to your visitors emotions, moods and pain points;
  • Provide a sense of urgency or fear of missing out that demonstrates why they need to take advantage of your offer today;
  • Clear directions to the next steps they’ll take to contact you/buy your product.

Ready to Turn Visitors Into Dedicated Customers?

What you do, how you do it and why is essential information your services page should offer to help convert visitors into customers. You are unique in what you bring to the table, and your WHY and HOW is something that will showcase this.

If you need help creating a stellar services page, or if you don’t have a website and you’re ready to get started, I would love to assist you!

It’s my passion to create beautiful and professional websites for business owners like you to showcase your skills and passions to the world.

Book your complimentary discovery call today so we can create the website of your dreams!

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