How to Manifest the Business of Your Dreams?


If you are like me, when you want something, you really WANT IT NOW and you are ready to move mountains to get it. You are used to working hard and getting the things you are working towards.

But every now and then there is this lesson that stares back at you, refusing to surrender to your timing. No matter how much you try, push, hustle, work, grind or force, it’s just not happening.

You are feeling frustrated, maybe a bit angry, so you push harder. You start working EVEN harder until there is a breaking point.

Maybe a burn-out.

Maybe a realization that life should not be this hard.

You want ease, beauty, flow and wellness, and you realize you cannot hustle your way to peace. You cannot live a stressed life and expect to arrive at peace once you just GET THIS ONE MORE THING DONE.

But you are so afraid of stopping, because what will happen then?

You are afraid that if you stop hustling and striving, you will never reach those dreams, and you will always be stuck where you are right now (and that is just not an option!).

So you hustle some more….


Your timing versus the divine timing

I know exactly how this feels like.

No matter the ease I have in many areas of my life when it comes to manifesting amazing things, there are those few “problem areas” that just keep giving me the lessons and I keep running away from them.

Take my business for example.

I have been building my business for a few years now, and to be honest I thought I would have been so much further by now.

In fact, when I started I used to set all kinds of deadlines for myself, by which date I would have quit my job, made my first 5 and 10k months, and started my fabulous free life which I craved (all of which have come and gone by now…).

I had a plan, and I was working for it day and night.

I planted my seed, and I had zero patience for it to take its sweet time. I wanted to see immediate results.

But it didn’t really go the way I planned, at all.


I work hard so I want it now!

I bought into the online-digital-belief that everything happens in an instant, because it seemed to happen to so many others. Why would I have been any different? I’m smart, I work hard, I know what I want, and I know how to go after it.

Never mind that it was the global pandemic, I was working a full-time corporate job of 32hrs a week, and I had a 2-year old to care for.

I had evenings and weekends and I pushed myself, because that’s what I know how to do.

I know how to push, how to DO, how to strive and how to achieve.

But this time I wasn’t able to push this business to the levels I wanted.

I was forced to stop and take an inventory of some basic rules of Manifesting, the very ones that have brought me so much joy and happiness in other areas of my life.


What really gives you meaning?

When I thought about it, I realized that the most meaningful things in my life, like meeting my life partner, having our son, moving countries, following adventures… all of these things were NOT the result of me pushing and striving, but the result of following my flow and allowing.

And the things I had pushed and strived into existence, like my education and career, were the areas that felt the least aligned with who I was, and were giving me grief and stress a lot of the time.

So how come I knew how to allow, surrender and have flow in my life, and at the same time be completely oblivious to it in other areas of life?

What a total eclipse of the heart.

It was time to invite Universe in again.


4 important lessons for manifesting the business of your dreams

I decided to look at an area of my life that had always felt easy and fun – romantic relationships. Sure, my first marriage ended and we divorced just when I turned 30, but I still never felt a particular drama about this area of life.

If it was easy for me there, it meant that it could be easy for me also in business.

I just needed to figure out the golden principles and reframe them.


#1 Having faith

During the years between my two big relationships I enjoyed being single, and the thought of me ending up alone was as incomprehensible as the thought of the world being flat. It just simply didn’t fit into my head.

I had unwavering faith in the fact that I was travelling towards my ideal life partner, and any small heartbreak along the way didn’t change that. Everything that happened on the way was a lesson and a guidance into the right direction.

I KNEW I was going to the right direction, so I didn’t panic or cry.

I also didn’t buy into the story around me of “there are no good men out there.” This seemed to be the mantra for many of my single friends, but I refused to make it my story.

And because I was so sure of the outcome, I was able to let go and have fun while waiting.

Lesson in business: Trust that it’s coming. Hold the vision of it coming, and don’t buy into the story of “business is so hard, it’s difficult to find clients…” or whatever the ongoing story might be. Your current reality is not an indicator of what is possible, it’s an indicator of your past thoughts. Change your story – change your life!


#2 Having fun

I had fun while I was waiting for my life partner.

I did what I wanted, not what I thought would land me a relationship. I simply had FUN.

And because I had fun, I didn’t have any trouble attracting companionship. Sure there were times when I felt impatient, but mostly I felt extremely excited.

I was excited to have everything ahead of me – the meeting (how would it happen??), first date, first kiss, the whole exiting start and the falling in love. I was giddy from the excitement already, and enjoyed the feeling ahead of time.

I didn’t have to wait to meet my guy to feel excited and happy; I was feeling those feelings already.

Lesson in business: Am I having fun with my business? Not always, because I’m too busy doing and not having any space for allowing… When we trust that it’s coming no matter what we do, we can ease up and have some fun along the way. Fun actually makes us vibrate higher, and we become a vibrational match to the very thing we are seeking. So my new mantra in business (and life) is: FUN FIRST.


#3 See the proof in others

Then there is the comparison syndrome that gets you… All of the others who have it while you don’t.

When I was single and would see other couples having what I wanted, it didn’t convince me that “they have it and I don’t”, rather it confirmed to me that love exists.

They were the proof that love indeed was possible, love existed, and because it was possible for them, it was also possible for me.

I would smile at every couple, and say a small prayer of thank you in my mind to the Universe. Thank you that love exists, thank you for reminding me of what is coming.

Lesson in business: When you see someone having the life you want, or the business you dream of, instead of thinking “she has it and I don’t”, say a silent thank you to the Universe for reminding you of what is possible. It is possible for them, therefore it is possible for you as well. It exists! What you want exists in the world, and therefore it can easily come to you as well (when you are a vibrational match for it!).

I extended this to wealth as well – when I see people with the amount of wealth I desire, I thank the Universe for reminding me that it’s possible.


#4 Letting go of the When and the How

This is a big one: are you trying to bend reality? I sure am guilty of this one way too often…

Coming back to my example, when I was single I did not try to bend reality to deliver things the way I wanted.

I didn’t put timelines to the Universe. I didn’t declare that “by the end of the year I have met my future husband!” Or “This is exactly where I should find my partner, and he should be like…<fill in your wish-list>!

I didn’t care about the When or the How, because I knew it wasn’t my task to care about.

All I cared about was staying in the positive flow, having fun and trusting that I was being led.

If you know your dream is on its way to you, and you are having fun along the way, what’s the rush!

And when I felt led, I would also take aligned action to move to the direction I felt was right, although it didn’t always “make sense.”

Like leaving everything behind in the Netherlands, and moving back to Finland. It made no sense at the time, but I did it anyways because I had such a strong feeling that I had to.

And that’s where I met my life-partner. By chance, while having fun. And we have been having fun together for more than a decade now.

Lesson in business: Let go of the timelines and the expectations of how it will happen, and when it will happen. If you try to make things happen your way, at best you are getting an extremely watered-down version of anything that the Universe could provide you. When we are stuck in our ways of demanding things to come to us exactly as we imagine it, we are trying to manifest from our own perception, which by default is very limited.

The Universe has abundant ways of delivering us what we want, if we would just let go and allow.


Surrender, and then surrender some more

And then, finally we surrender. As Gabby Bernstein says it, we must surrender and then surrender some more.

We need to stop being obsessive and attached, because that energy will not help anyone (how is obsessive and attached energy in a relationship..? Yep, we tend to run the other way!).

We need to allow space into our dreams, space for us to hear the guidance and the calling.

We need to let go of the steering wheel and trust that we are being guided.

So go do something FUN today. Something that you feel like doing and something that is NOT related to your business at all.

Have faith, have fun, bless the Universe for reminding you that what you want is indeed possible, and stop with the strict timelines and rules.

Instead, start expecting miracles.

Start being open to all the different, unimaginable ways you could get your dream life and business. And then, surrender.

This is where you’ll find me. Defining what makes things fun for me, and doing less so that I can allow more.


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