How to pick your brand fonts? 


Let’s get clear on how to pick your brand fonts for your business. 

Did you know your business’s brand identity is one of the first things that draws potential customers to you?

From your brand fonts, color palette, logo design and overall vibe, customers are looking for businesses to help them whose story and services resonate with them.

For many, they can decide whether or not they’ll like you, or like working with you, as quickly as it takes them to look at your logo and header font (no pressure!).

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I’ve written about brand boards and how to piece together your business’s brand and message to entice curious customers, and one of the most essential components is choosing personalized and stylized fonts.

Your business’s fonts can help grow your online presence and brand awareness, and help customers find you and fall in love with you!

How do you find fonts that fit you and your business?

I’ll tell you how in three simple steps.

If you’re a brand new entrepreneur still trying to discover what works for you and your business, or if you’re an established entrepreneur relaunching your business with fresh aesthetics, keep reading to learn the best ways to choose fonts for your business!


Identify your brand’s personality

Who are you? What’s your business’s mission statement? How do you want to be perceived by your customers?

These are only a few questions to consider when understanding your brand’s personality, and how customers will likely view you when searching for companies to work with.

When defining (or redefining) your brand personality, ask yourself what adjectives best describe your brand and business. These words could include:

  • Approachable
  • Bold
  • Casual
  • Diligent
  • Efficient
  • Formal

If you haven’t already refined your target market and audience, as well as your mission statement and how you plan to service your customers, start there.

Then pick out those adjectives based on what represents you in your industry, and how it connects to your clientele.


Pick fonts that tell the story of your brand and business

Typography is a delicate creative process for graphic designers. If that’s not you, not to worry!

You can easily understand typography, and how fonts and their specific styles help shape the narrative of your brand, by learning how to use them.

The five most common types of brand fonts are Serif, Sans Serif, Decorative (or Display), Handwritten and Script.

What’s the difference between these fonts and how can they be used to improve the look and feel of your brand?

Serif: The oldest existing and most trustworthy font. It provides a classic yet chic logo and/or webfont for your website and social media. Serif fonts include fonts like Playfair Display, Times New Roman, Baskerville and EB Garamond.

Sans Serif: The modern update of the classic with a “cleaner” look. Big companies like Netflix, Google or Facebook use this minimalistic font type to subtly let their viewers know they are accessible and easy to use. Sans Serif fonts include font like Open Sans, Arial, Roboto and Helvetica.

Decorative (Display): This is a super stylized font with bold and creative designs that embrace various colors, shapes and proportions. Decorative fonts include fonts like Bangers, Limelight, Lobster Two and Fredericka.

Handwritten: These fonts are quirky, personalized and artistic, just like our own handwriting. Handwritten fonts include fonts like Jasmine, Ella Brush, Permanent Marker and Amatic SC.

Script: Similar to Handwritten fonts, but evokes a more classy and elegant feel with its distinctive cursive. Script fonts include Beauty Dream, Allura, Dancing Script and Pacifico.

You can’t go wrong with picking and matching these fonts together as long as it follows three crucial conditions:

1) versatility to withstand the longevity of your business and adapt to a variety of platforms (i.e. desktop, mobile, print, etc.)

2) multiple weight fonts (such as light, regular and bold) for specific copy like your logo, header, webcopy or quotes and…

3) legibility for clear and easy reading as certain stylized fonts can drastically change the appearance of capital and lowercase letters, numbers, etc.


Where to source your fonts (licensed or free)

Now that you know how to create the perfect font family for your brand to show off your business… where can you locate these fonts to start working with them?

If you’re looking for expansive and exclusive font options, look no further than these options:

Be careful with licensing fonts, however, because there are several different font licenses that conditions you’ll have to abide by after you purchase.

For example, webfont, desktop, commercial and app font licenses may generally cover the basics of how and where you can use your fonts, but each has their own specific guidelines made by the seller.

It’s better to double check which font licenses have what you need and purchase accordingly as it can get expensive!

You can also source and download your fonts from open-sourced (a.k.a. free!) font libraries such as the ones below.


How to go from here

Picking your brand’s fonts may seem like a daunting task if you haven’t quite defined your brand or target audience.

Yet once you complete those steps, you’ll be able to find fonts that make your customers feel instantly seen and heard when they discover your company.

Building your brand with gorgeous fonts that carry your business from beginner to expert in the eyes of your target market can make all the difference with scaling your business.


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