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What was done: Webdesign

I love working with Coaches. Maybe it’s because I know the industry well having done coaching myself, plus I also love the industry so much.

I’m always reading about personal development, having a coach in one area of my life, and dreaming of multiple coaches in other areas.

There is always something to learn, and when a client is passionate about what they do, you know I get super excited!



I happen to know Mari Auvinen quite well, which was one of the perks of working with her. She is a coach in Finland, focusing on stress management, and one of her major gifts is her incredible connection to the spirit world.

There is no other way of putting it, but she is a translator between here and there. Between different worlds, energies and entities. She is also a connector between your higher self and your physical self. Plus she is just the kindnest person out there!

Many times when I need guidance, explanation or just understanding of my current life situation from a higher perspective, I call her.

When we were both still living in Finland I can remember how just her presense was enough to ground me. There was this energy about her, and I would relax into love and kindness just by sitting next to her.

Mari is about ultimate understanding and acceptance, and she allows space for you just as you are, deep, deep within.

That’s why I was so excited when she told me that she was finally going to open up her coaching business, and that I got to build her a website.

Branding Mari Auvinen

We did the color scheme based on her favorite color – orange (look at her gorgeous hair!). Website needed to include a lot of sunflowers as they are a representation of joy and happiness for her.

The lighthouse on the home page has a special meaning as well, as it is a symbol of her life’s work as a coach – to shine her light into the distance, not asking why, not knowing why, only knowing that the ones who need it will see it, and it will help them find their way back home.

She truly is the light.

For a special coaching experience, check this lady out!


Mari Auvinen Devices

Feedback from Mari:

I had just started my coaching business, and needed a website. I didn’t have a clear vision on how my business could look like, and although I knew what I wanted to do, I wasn’t sure how to package it sensibly. I certainly did not know how it could look visually. 

Kaisa possesses an endless stream of ideas, and she is skillful and professional at what she does. She is kind, patient and encouraging, and working with her was grounding for me.

I felt like I didn’t have to have a perfect vision about what we were going to do, or what the end result would be, because Kaisa was there to help me one step at a time. I felt I was in good hands.

The end result, my website, looks exactly like me!

It’s amazing how Kaisa was able to do that with the limited information I was able to provide her. But she saw the essential and the visuals she suggested were spot on.

With her coaching I was able to get clear on many aspects of my business, and I was able to clarify what it was that I actually wanted to do.

I love  my new website, it’s harmonious and beautiful. The visual image is coherent, and I can be proud of it! I could have never been able to do this on my own.

Kaisa has been able to present me the way I am, with visual elements that look exactly like me. During our project together I felt like she was truly excited about my business idea and about building my website.

Kaisa does her work with heart and soul, and you can see this in everything that she does.

(*Sniff sniff thanks my dear!)


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