Pros and Cons of using Microlanding pages (like Linktree)?


Don’t have a website just yet but you need to promote your business and services? Microlanding pages such as Linktree, ContactInBio or even Later, are sites designed to help you bring all the facets of your business into one place to drive traffic and sales.

However, could these types of landing pages actually harm your business? Is it better to just go ahead and make a website?



As a webdesigner, building your own personalized website for your business to invite customers into your corner of the internet will always be the best bet.

While it is more sleek to design a website with your brand identity, it’s also extremely valuable to customers to learn what you do.

Did you know that 81% of customers research businesses they’re interested in before making a purchase?

This could be due to them wanting assurance that the company is trustworthy and secure.

This is where microlanding pages come in handy.

While landing pages are designed to bring curious potential customers to a specific page on your already existing website to entice them to buy, microlanding pages are more tailored to showcasing every feature of your business on the page via links.

In theory, it could be enough for some customers to explore your business and products with the links you provide on your Linktree, however, there are always pros and cons that could unintentionally steer traffic away from you.

Keep reading to uncover if microlanding pages could work for you, or if it’s time to buckle down and make that website!



What are the pros of using microlanding pages?

They’re free.
For the most part, these services are available at no charge to users (although Linktree and ContactInBio offer paid versions with additional features as well).

They provide analytics.
Linktree and other microlanding page services are excellent for generating leads and studying those leads through analytics provided by these sites (especially if you purchase the paid version).

They’re user-friendly.
Like landing pages, microlanding pages get right to the point and make it easier for your customer to shop. They focus directly on your important links to your socials, services and products.


What are the cons of using microlanding pages?


There’s a lack of branding.
While you can personalize your microlanding page color schemes (and even that is limited as most upgrade features, including your brand logo and fonts, are only available in the “pro” versions) there’s not much else you can do to customize your microlanding page.

There’s no direct contact page.
While a landing page is on your website where your contact information is easily accessible to your customers, a microlanding page provides no such luck.

The most you can do is connect your social media links to it, and hope the customer is interested enough to click-off to another page to then click again to contact you.

The analytics are bare (unless you purchase the paid versions).
Linktree and ContactInBio offer both free and paid versions. If you stick to the free versions, these sites will tell you how many lifetime viewers your microlanding page has had, but no time, date or anything specific.

With the paid version, you can analyze a little further, such as accessing the individual performance of each link with click-through rates. But that’s it.

What is the best strategy for you?

You’ll notice here that some of the pros can actually become cons if they are applied within a certain target market or niche business.

This is why it’s a good idea to have your ideal client and target audience in mind when you create your business, services and/or products so you can always deliver what they need.

Even then, if you’re seeking to truly understand your market, customer analytics and scale your business via fine-tuning your services and products, it could be better for you to make a website.

Creating a website can be quite a hangup for some business owners, especially brand new entrepreneurs. This could be since managing a business can require a heavy workload… and you may think running a website will tip the scales!

However, it’s not as difficult as you think!

In fact, I’m soon ready to launch my DIY course for making your own brand and a website, so stay tuned!

In the mean time, a microlanding page could very well work for you if you’re in the beginning stages of your business. Yet as you become more seasoned and grow your brand, it could be a great idea to invest in making your own website.

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