Tips for choosing perfect images for your website


As you begin the process of building your website, you may run into a common issue: what images do I use?

If you already have an assortment of images to work with that represent your business, great, you could possibly steer clear of this problem.

But what about if you have little to no images?

How do you go about finding (or creating) and using images that tell your visitors everything they need to know about you and your company at a glance?

You might think to yourself, “Well, the copywriting is strong on my website so I don’t have to worry too much about images.”

According to marketing miastro, Jeff Bullas, 60% of potential customers are more likely to engage with your business thanks to the images associated with it. As well as, studies show that Tweets on Twitter and Facebook posts with images receive 150% more retweets and more than two times the engagement, respectively, than posts without images.

Since images can make or break your relationship with new customers before they even contact you, then selecting the perfect images for your website is a must!

Here a few things to remember when choosing images for your website to draw attention and win over customers.



Choose relevant images that convey the right emotions.

What do I mean by “relevant” images? This means images that make sense for your business and inform the customer of your services and/or products.

While it makes sense to use your personality and branding in your images, you want to guarantee that the images are not too vague or generic.

For example, if you’re a Virtual Assistant whose job description includes services such as copywriting, content creation and bookkeeping, it wouldn’t make sense for your website to show stock photos of bank tellers or a rainbow over a pot of gold.

Choosing images of yourself doing the activities that showcase your services, or just lovely and energetic photos of you speaks volumes!

With this kind of images of yourself, customers are then attracted to you, your personality and your vibe. The emotions you choose to portray help them learn about your character and what it could be like if they worked with you.

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I recommend hiring a professional photographer to capture you at your best, but if you can’t at the moment, try these websites below for a variety of stellar stock photos that will help bring your website to life.

Free favorites:

Paid favorites:

The goal is to ensure that your readers feel understood and seen. Decide what emotions you want your readers to feel when they visit your website, and use images that speak to them!


When you use stock photos, use less objects and more humans.

Ever wonder why Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms for online businesses? With over 1 billion users, it’s safe to assume that readers love seeing and reading instead of just the latter.

When you’re deciding what images best represent you and your business, it’s okay to use stock photos of objects and icons, but don’t forget to include people.

Whether it’s hands typing on a keyboard, holding a cell phone or a cup of coffee, customers respond to human interaction over an object.

It adds an approachable element to your business that quietly informs your potential clients that real people operate your website, and you’re worthy of their trust!

It doesn’t matter that the images are not of you all the time, as they can represent the target customer and make them feel seen and understood in your images.

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Use clear images and adjust them to fit with cropping and resizing.

Once you have images that you’re satisfied with, make sure they are at the highest quality possible. That means no blurriness or pixelations.

When you use stock images, they usually are at the best quality to give them the sharpest resolution that looks good on any device your customers use to view your website.

If you go to upload your images to your website and they turn out fuzzy or too small, there’s a few solutions to your problem. Sharpening your images is quick and simple with Let’s Enhance.

You can opt-in for a free trial that adjusts the resolution of five images. Whether it’s a text banner or photo of yourself, Let’s Enhance will fine-tune the quality to perfection in seconds!

If the size of your images is the problem, cropping them is an easy fix that keeps the quality the same. Adobe Photoshop Express offers a free cropping tool to trim your images. Keep in mind when cropping that your image should look the same on desktop, mobile or any other device.

Need to resize your image? There’s an option for that on Adobe Photoshop Express, too!

However, when resizing, remember that this can affect the quality of your image. Computers usually display images with 72 dots per inch (DPI), which is the density of dots in your image.

Using Windows, you can check the DPI of your image by right-clicking it, scrolling down to Properties then clicking Details. On a Macbook, open up your image in Preview, select Tools and then Adjust Size.

Let your website images tell a story

Images can tell the story of your business at a glance, and it’s essential to create your ideal impression and ambience of your company through them.

If you keep these three tips in mind, you’ll be able to set the standard for your business and drive traffic to your website!

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