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Website for your Passion Business

Would you like to start working on your Passion Business, but you are not sure how to get started?

Not only do I help you with the tech of setting up a beautiful, customized website to showcase your unique talents, but I will also coach you through the entire process! Stepping out into the spotlight is a mindset journey that requires a friend, coach and a confidant by your side. 


I’m Kaisa

My guess is that you are here because you have a Passion project you cannot wait to start working on.

Are you tired of living a life that doesn’t fully fit you and you wish life would be more about the fun-factor.

Maybe you would like to follow your passion and make it into an online business, but unsure how to make that happen.

Yep, I have been there (many times in fact, but who’s counting…).

I believe that the world needs people just like you! People who are fired up and passionate about what they do, and who dare to go after their dreams.

So let’s show the world what you can do! No more hiding because the tech is confusing or because you are afraid.

I’m here to help you kick-start your Passion project, so that you can finally let the world see what you are made of. 

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Changing your life – What is fast enough?

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Happy customers


Kaisa made my passion project possible.

I am even more appreciative for Kaisa’s WHY and HOW. She stands for passion, authenticity, loyalty, transparency, integrity and enabling others. She listens to understand, stays patient, kind, constructive and challenges sufficiently. She helped me clarify my vision and the business model. She helped me stay dialled in, in times of doubt and overwhelm. She provided for very educative and fun process, and made me grow along the way.

Dominika Dorobisz

Founder / Owner, Impact Body & Mind

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