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When you are full of Passion for what you do, and want to make an impact following your purpose

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    Making your unique journey visual

    I help passionate and purposeful women kick-start their Passion and mission in life.

    Do you feel like you have a deeper mission in life, something you are called to do and your every cell resonates with this Passion?
    You want to be true to yourself while serving others, creating a life that is unique, filled with Passion and joy.

    I see you!

    What lights you up?

    You are on a mission to help others with your gifts.

    You have a mission in life, and you care deeply about the people you serve. At the same time you want more freedom, to be able to build your own path while making an impact you know you are born to make. 

    You want your Passion to look as inspiring as it feels!

    Sharing your big Passion is much easier when you are actually madly in love with the way it feels, but also the way it looks on the outside. You deserve to feel confident about the most important thing in your life!

    Follow the joy and peace.

    You have an inspiring dream for yourself, and for the humanity, but setting it all up online may not be part of your Passion. You want it to be easy and fun, and preferably done with someone who understands how important your transformation is. 

    I believe in your vision

    In just a few weeks you could…


    Feel truly seen

    Feel truly seen and understood, and even more connected to your Passion than before. Seeing it come to life is extraordinary.


    Have a bigger impact

    Help your ideal clients find you online. Finally you can give them the gift of experiencing your light and discovering your talent.


    Enjoy your ready website

    Have your Passion business website running smoothly, and having the joy of sharing it with your audience and ideal clients.


    Relax into joy

    Feel the joy and excitement when this task is completed and everything is working just as you hoped for.


    Share your Passion

    Imagine being able to fully express yourself and share your Passion with the world around you, loving the way your Passion business looks.


    Discover your path

    You will have the freedom that comes with starting your own Passion based business, journeying deeper into joy daily.

    This is exactly why I started Passion Kick-Starter, to help passionate dreamers like you spread their light and message.


    Branding & Webdesign

    How can I help?


    Branding Packages

    You deserve a beautiful brand for your Passion business, something that resonates with your personality and values. Click to see the packages that will make your brand shine!


    Webdesign Packages

    Your website should be a source of pride and joy, because your Passion deserves the best. Click to see the different packages depending on the season of business you are in.

    I am beyond impressed with Kaisa’s passion and skill for creating beautiful websites. I was in need of a website for my business for months, and I knew I didn’t have the patience or the know-how to go about the process on my own. Working with Kaisa has given me new insight about the importance of branding, design and how impactful a website is to a growing business.

    Kaisa is easygoing, enlightening, creative and extremely talented at understanding your vision for your business, and making it a reality! That may sound cliché, but Kaisa was diligent in learning my brand identity, my passions, what I wanted for my website and crafting it into a site that I’m excited to share with my customers.

    Marian Richardson

    Founder, Words by Marian

    When we work together

    What will you get?



    I will be your trusted cheerleader, coach and friend on your journey towards your mission! I believe in you (and I’ve got some kick-start power to share)!



    Organizing and streamlining is second nature, so we’ll get your project done in no time! You can relax because your Passion will be in good hands.


    You will have a well-designed website that doesn’t distract your from your greater mission in life. It will work for your business and attract ideal clients.


    I care about you, and your business, and I want you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams! I will be your strategic partner so you are not alone.



    We don’t do complicated code, but simplicity and straightforwardness. I want you to be in control of your site, so it will be easy to maintain.


    Trust and honesty are my core values, and so is keeping my word. I am loyal and I will make sure you will be 110% happy with the end results. 

    Kaisa has an endless stream of ideas, and she is skillful and professional at what she does. I felt like I didn’t have to have a perfect vision about what we were going to do, because she was there to help me one step at a time.

    Mari Auvinen

    Life Coach

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    Let’s discover the true essence of your big dream, and turn it into an amazing online presence!

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