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Branding & Website Design

If you’re full of passion, want to make a difference, and are ready to say YES to your intuition, you’re in the right place!

A life that fills you from within

You deserve to lead a life that you are in love with!

There are some people who possess a little something extra within their hearts.

You have a passion for your spiritual business, wellness, yoga, mindset, personal development, or seeing the world.

No matter what you’re obsessed with, one thing remains true – you can’t stop thinking about it, and you want to share your passion with others in a meaningful way.

How can you get there?

You need a real business with a polished visual brand and professional website.

Whether you feel pulled to help others doing work you care deeply about, are eager to leave your corporate job, or if you simply crave independence and fulfillment, I am here to help bring your passion-based business to life.

Curious how I can help you?

Here is the truth!

You already have what you need to succeed within you.
You just need a little boost in kick-starting your passion business’s online presence to grow with ease & purpose.
I will help you transform your dream into a thriving
heart-based business.


Let’s work together!

Intuitive Branding

Create a visual brand with depth: You have a lot of ideas for your passion-based business, but nothing visual yet. Together, we will bring your dream to light.

We will dig into the depths of what you want your business to stand for, feel like, and generate. We will breathe life, personality, and beauty into your visual brand, so it feels and presents exactly how you imagined.

We will go much deeper than colors, a logo, and icons. My purpose is to understand you, what you want, what you need, and your hopes for the future. I will then weave that into a visual brand that represents you well while also speaking to your ideal clients.

Website Design

Build a website that warms and welcomes: You have wished things would click and that you would feel like a “real” business owner for a while now.

You want to share your heart-centered business with the world, but you aren’t sure how.

A beautiful, intuitive, and warm website can welcome your potential customers and guide them forward. I will take the time to understand your ideas, feelings, and purpose as I design a website that creates the ideal experience for your customers.

My mission is that your website gives you the confidence to shift your mindset from “can I do this?” to “I am doing this!”

Focus on the work you love!

A polished visual brand & a professional website will streamline your path to success, legitimize your business, & most importantly, empower you to focus on the work you love.

More than a brand & a website, when you work with Passion Kick-Starter, you will gain a sense of peace, satisfaction, & fulfillment.

Your energy will shift from wanting to being.

From the Blog

Hi, I’m Kaisa

Through branding and website design, I help passionate and spiritual entrepreneurs kick-start their mission-based businesses in a way that enables them to feel aligned, joyful, and fulfilled every day.

I want to help you discover the very thing that lights your soul on fire and translate that into a brand and website that feels like YOU.


Because I know firsthand what it feels like to have a deep yearning for a life that is bigger, more creative, more fulfilling, more you.

I can’t wait to help you get started.

I am beyond impressed with Kaisa’s passion and skill for creating beautiful websites. I was in need of a website for my business for months, and I knew I didn’t have the patience or the know-how to go about the process on my own.

Kaisa is easygoing, enlightening, creative and extremely talented at understanding your vision for your business, and making it a reality! Kaisa was diligent in learning my brand identity, my passions, what I wanted for my website and crafting it into a site that I’m excited to share with my customers.

Marian Richardson

Founder, Words by Marian

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