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    Brand and Webdesign

    You want to feel professional and confident with your business, attract your dream clients with ease, and finally make the impact you know you are born to make?

    Let’s make your big & bold business dream into a reality, I will show you exactly how!


    Imagine never being dependent on webdesigners when it comes to your business!

    When you want to take charge and learn how to build your own brand and website, I have the only webdesign DIY course you will ever need. 

    What you seek is seeking you


    Hi, I’m Kaisa

    I help passionate women go after their big & bold business dreams. 

    If you are in the start-up phase of going after your big & bold business dream, and you struggle with the thought of getting everything online, you are in the right place!

    Maybe you want to transition from your 9-5 to your own business, and make a full-time income with your passion.  Because this would give you the financial freedom and the sense of purpose in life you are searching for. 

    You need a website for your business, but at the end of the day we are not just building you a website.

    We are identifying your dreams, and making them visual. We are building a life that fulfills and excites you. We are letting the world see your unique talents and gifts.

    A beautiful brand and a professional website will allow the world to fall in love with your Passion as well.

    Fall in love with your business and your passion.


    I’m perhaps not your typical webdesigner. I am a passionate, bold business owner just like you!

    I’m obsessed with encouraging and empowering women to follow their joy and passion in life. Because I truly believe the world would be a better place if we would allow ourselves to live a life of passion and joy.

    I want to make you feel seen, heard, understood and supported on a deep level, because that’s what your tranformation deserves. I want to inspire you to follow that inner spark and to become the most authentic version of yourself.

    I welcome you to kick-start your passion with confidence!

    Happy customers

    “Kaisa works with heart and soul”

    It’s amazing how Kaisa was able to create a website that looks exactly like me! She saw the larger picture, and suggested visual guidelines that were spot on. With her coaching I was able to get clear on many aspects of my business, and I was able to clarify what it was that I actually wanted to do.

    If I ever felt discouraged about the whole process, Kaisa’s questions and guidance helped me to the right direction, and I had clarity again. 

    My ready website is harmonious and beautiful. The visual image is coherent, and i’m so proud of it! I could have never been able to do this on my own. 

    Kaisa is professional, full of ideas and creativity, and she clearly loves what she does. She is kind, patient and encouraging, and working with her was very calming and grounding for me. 

    During our project together I felt like she was truly excited about my business idea and excited about making my website. She does her work with heart and soul, and you can see this in the work that she does.

    Mari Auvinen

    Life Coach, Mari Auvinen


    What would it feel like…

    What would like be like for you if you could focus fully on your passion?


    Making a full-time income from your Passion

    The sooner you get out there with your bold dreams, the sooner you can start generating income from it! Where will you be this time next year? Proud of yourself, or saying “if only…?


    Attracting your ideal customers easily

    No more hiding from your ideal clients because of website shame! Imagine being so proud of your online presence that you have no trouble putting yourself out there!


    No more aimless googling and DIY attempts

    You could stop trying to figure everything out on your own, second guessing every click and yelling at Canva at night. Your time is spent much better focusing on your own superpowers!

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    Plan with confidence

    Website Project Prep pack

    Steal my industry secrets and plan your website project
    with confidence! Get your FREE Website Project Prep pack today!

    Know exactly what to ask your webdesigner, how to prep your brand images, and how to develop your brand personality.