Let’s get to know each other!


Does this sound familiar?

You are overwhelmed with the technical aspects related to starting on your passion business.

You have a dream, a passion, something that gets you super excited! You would like to do more with it, to start building it up into a business of your own, but you feel overwhelmed with everything it takes to start it up. Website, hosting, plug-ins, content, branding, social media… it just sounds like ten jobs all in one.

You are longing to live life under your own terms.

9-5 mentality is not for you. You wonder why we are still forced to sit in one spot 8 hours a day pretending to be productive? You want to change the way you live your life, you want more freedom, time and power to live on your own terms!

You wish someone would help you get it all started.

You wish there would be someone to brainstorm with you, to coach you, to give you the kick in the butt you need, and to take over all the technical elements involved in starting up your passion business. You want someone to kick-start your passion business, so you can finally live life on your terms.

Passion + Purpose = Mission

Hello, dreamer

Let’s kick-start your mission, shall we!

I’d like to welcome you to dream big! What would your ideal life look like? How would your business feel like when it’s out in the world and you feel proud to show it off to potential clients? How amazing would that be?


This is my obsession, helping people to dream bigger and to start a business based on their passion and joy. I love bringing ideas into life in a beautiful visual way, so you are in good hands here.

I also know what it’s like to dream and to want to build a business from it. It’s scary as hell, you feel vulnerable and your dream feels fragile and delicate. Almost too delicate to put out into the world for everyone to see.

After all, it’s personal. It’s YOU. But let me assure you, your dream can handle it. YOU can handle it.

I believe that the world would be a better place if more people followed their inner spark! Think about it – what kind of person are you when you are fulfilled, excited and happy? What kind of person are you when you are stressed and feeling stuck?

Which one feels better? Which version of you behaves better towards loved ones? 

I’d like to think I’m in the Passion and Empowerment business, because at the end of the day, we are not just building you a website. We are launching your Passion!

If you are currently sitting in your 9-5 job thinking how on earth to make it all happen – I have been there. I know what it’s like to drag yourself to the corporate job while dreaming of creative pursuits instead.

I have made mad leaps of faith just to follow my heart and to feel alive. They all have taught me a ton and I have no regrets.

So I’m not your typical webdesigner (if there is such a thing), but rather someone with a corporate background who re-trained as a Life Coach, NLP practitioner and a Yoga Teacher. Through my many projects and years of self-education I have come to love webdesign and content creation.

I understand like no other what it’s like to build a business from your Passion, from the excitement to the insecurities. And I’m here to tell you that it’s worth it.


Our Cooperation

How it starts


Chat With Me

Contact me and we will schedule a free introduction call. During the call we’ll get to know each other, and we’ll draft a plan of action for you.


Package & HOMEWORK

Based on your ideas and plans we will choose the right approach for you, and I will provide you with some exciting homework assignments.



Ready-set-go! It’s time to kick-start the work on your Passion project! Imagine, in just a few months you can have everything set up, it’s that easy.

What they say


What do some of my recent clients say about the way we worked together to kick-start their Passion projects?

“Kaisa stands for passion, authenticity, loyalty, transparency, integrity and enabling others. She helped me clarify my vision and business model, and to stay clear in times of doubt and overwhelm. She provided for a very educative and fun process!

Dominika Dorobisz

Founder & Owner, Impact Body & Mind

“There are so many different elements involved in building an online presence, but with the help of Kaisa it was such a fun process. She helped me clarify my ideas and to structure it into a content I can be proud of.”

Leoni Jansen

Marketing & Operations, Pixel by Pixel Studio


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