It’s time to listen to that whisper of intuition within you and bring your passion to life.

Hey, friend!

I want you to know that it is totally normal if, despite all of your excitement, your stomach drops when you think about all of the risks and doubts tied to your passion project. The key is to keep moving – to not surrender to those doubts.

Instead, I want to encourage you to take action despite your fears. To honor yourself, despite the risk of failure. To ask for help when you need it because you are worthy.

Maybe the thing you’re most passionate about doesn’t have anything to do with your formal training or education.

Maybe you’re not an expert – yet.
Maybe you have a lot to learn.
Who cares? Why should that stop you?

Tell me this…

What would you do if there were no limits?

What would you do if it didn’t have to “make sense?”

What would you do if money was not an issue?

It’s time to start focusing on what lights you up instead of what looks good on the outside (you can have both if you want)!

Who do you feel pulled to serve?
What mission are you drawn to at this moment?
What would you do if you couldn’t fail?

I am here to help you kick–start that dream and bring your passion project to life with beautiful branding and quality web design.

Curious how I can help you?

How to know if it’s the right time to pursue your dream?

You are full of passion

You think about your heart-based passion in the morning, at lunch, and before you fall asleep. You read about it, study it, and could talk about it for hours. Your heart races, you feel a pull within, and you know this is your calling.

You desire a life that feels good on the inside

Maybe you have a life that looks good on the outside – a good job, a stable existence, and a well-rounded CV. But stability and predictability aren’t enough to make you happy. You crave excitement, joy, fulfillment, and peace.


Sometimes it’s hard to admit what we are capable of, but the truth is, you are intelligent, hardworking, and made for more. You have always wondered what is possible, but now you’re ready to dig in, do the work, and honor this deep desire within you.


You’re tired of playing it safe and doing work that you’re great at, but that doesn’t excite you. You’re ready to fill your time with work that you love and feel called to do.

If you’re nodding your head and saying a loud “YES” within you, you are ready to kick-start your passion-based business. You deserve to pursue the dream within you and create the life you desire.


Hello, my dear friend!

I’m Kaisa

I have a feeling that I’ve been where you are right now.

I had a corporate job that I was good at but didn’t inspire me.
I felt like my work didn’t mean anything, didn’t positively impact others, and it certainly didn’t feel like my higher calling.

But then I started asking why?

Why wasn’t I chasing the dream I couldn’t stop thinking about?
Why was I settling?
Why was I waiting?

I finally surrendered and accepted that I HAD to follow my heart. The pull toward my passion was too strong, and I knew I had to allow myself to follow it.

I finally realized that I was ready enough to get started.

My journey hasn’t been perfect or without ups and downs, but it has been rich.

Rich in experiences.
Rich in joy.
Rich in fulfillment.
Rich in peace.

I have had the privilege of following my passions, quitting corporate jobs, and moving across continents to pursue my life callings. (Yes, callings! You can read more about my adventures here >>>)


So, how did I end up here, caring so deeply about helping people like you bring their passion projects to life?

Over the years, I’ve learned that polished and beautiful visual brands and quality and welcoming websites are vital to the success of passion-based businesses.

Your confidence, presence, and purpose shift when you have a brand/website that excites you.

Sometimes, looking like a real business is the key to unlocking success.

Because I’ve had the opportunity to realize some of my craziest dreams and passions already, I want to help you do the same.

My goal is to encourage heart-centered entrepreneurs to pursue their passions & empower them to start the businesses they can’t stop dreaming about.

My favorite part of my work is building deep, lasting relationships with my clients and seeing how the light within them shines even brighter when they see their vision come to life.

I pride myself on doing more than designing brands with depth and beautifully effective websites. I help my clients see that their passions are inspiring, that their ideas are worthy, and that there truly is space for them to do the work they love.

Embracing adventure

Embracing the crazy & helping passionate entrepreneurs succeed

The truth is, I have been fortunate enough to realize some of my wildest dreams in life already and let me tell you, some of them made absolutely no sense!

I’ve quit jobs and moved countries just because I felt something deep was calling me out there.

I quit my corporate job to pursue my passion for coaching and yoga without much of a safety net.

I moved from Finland to the Philippines to run yoga and diving retreats with zero experience in hospitality (more here).

I started Passion Kick-Starter at the age of 40, during a global pandemic, while working 9-5 and as a mom of a 1-year old.

No, these adventures didn’t “make sense” in the traditional way, but they added richness to my life, and I will forever be grateful I trusted myself enough to take the leap each time.

I’ve decided I want to be the kind of person who goes for it, tries it out, and then sees if it was meant to be or not. ⁠⁠I choose experience rather than wondering “what if…” for the rest of my life.⁠

This is what I want for you, too!

The wild, the crazy, the bold, and the passionate!

Say yes to your calling!

Because, whether you realize it or not, we get to redesign our lives over and over. We get to experiment and try different things.

And we get to change course when we feel like what we are doing is no longer serving us!

I don’t believe in THE ONE when it comes to your job. Life is a beautiful playground full of opportunities! All you have to do is say “yes” to the calling within you.

So, are you ready to honor yourself and listen to that whisper of intuition calling you forward?

Passion + Purpose = Mission

A little more about me

If you can’t tell by now, I am a passionate person who strives to live life with heart, integrity, and wonder. Connecting with other passionate people (like you!) is one of my greatest joys. If you’re still wondering if we would be a good fit, here are a few extra details about me!


I am 100% an introvert, but I do love people and going on new adventures. I just need a lot (a lot!) of alone time. I’m also a highly sensitive person who is also a high sensation seeker – this can make life interesting!

Always reading

I am usually reading 2-3 books at the same time, because #choices. Surprise, surprise, I typically choose personal development or spirituality books! Fiction is not my thing.

3/5 Projector

Last year I got into Human Design, and totally found myself in my 3/5 Projector profile. I’m here to guide people into a new way of doing things, and while I’m at it, I will just keep on experimenting with life.


I speak 3 languages fluently – Finnish (my mother tongue), English, and Dutch. I am having a lot of fun raising my son to be bi-lingual (Finnish and Dutch).

I’m a mom

I became a mom quite late in life. But then again, I always bloom “late” with everything – I’ve decided that means I am forever young! 😉 I have a 5-year-old son who was born 6 days after I turned 39.

Color coordinated

I secretly wish I could work for the Home Edit because I would rock it! I cannot rest until everything is pretty, part of a system and organized (especially the bed in the mornings!).

Ready to have a brand that feels like you and a website that attracts your dream clients?


What others are saying about their Passion Kick-Starter Experience

Kaisa stands for passion, authenticity, loyalty, transparency, integrity and enabling others. She helped me clarify my vision and business model, and to stay clear in times of doubt and overwhelm.

Dominika Dorobisz

Founder & Owner, Impact Body & Mind

I couldn’t sing my praises for Passion Kick-Starter any higher! If you’re seeking a brand and website designer to build your website, do yourself a favor and work with Kaisa. She’s the definition of passion meeting professionalism!

Marian Richardson

Founder, Words by Marian