Oud of the Box

Passionate healthcare service providers

What happens when two passionate and determined women decide that senior care can be done differently? What happens when they see the need for employees in the healthcare not being matched by the healthcare providers?

They decide to think out of the box, to re-design the way things are done, and organise their lives according to their own values.

This is how Oud of the Box started (“Oud” is the word for “old” in Dutch).

The two founders decided to start an organization dedicated to home care for seniors (and others needing healthcare assistance at home), but they wanted to focus first and foremost on employee wellness.

Instead of having fixed working hours, each employee can decide when they want to start, and end their day. Parents with children going to school are able to spend the morning with their kids before starting work, for example.

This flexibility leads to happier employees, which in turn brings more happiness to the clientele as well, according to the two founders.

Needless to say, I have such respect for these amazing women (both mothers of large families themselves) for daring to think outside of the box, and going after their dreams (which in turn has an enormous ripple-affect of happiness all around them).


What we did together

We made a brand concept that had a big focus also on printed materials (client folders, info brochures, interactive PDF contracts for clients and employees), as well as business cards and appointment cards. 

The brand personality was warm, cozy, heart-centered and informal. This is especially reflected in the colors chosen, and the style of imagery presented on the branding materials and website.

The website provides further details for their prospective clients about the business, their services, their location and ways to get in touch.  


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