I have the pleasure of knowing Dominika from long time ago, from days when we were both walking the halls of a large financial institution plotting our ‘Exit Strategy.’ That’s what we called it, the desire to quit the boring day job and start something exciting. We would talk about e-strategy over lunch, and at the coffee corner.

It took us another decade to grow up, to come to our own and to finally make concrete steps towards this infamous e-strategy. But it doesn’t matter. It’s never too late, and the timing is always just right. Sometimes we are not ready as 20-somethings to take on the mission that is meant for us. Sometimes we need to go through life, learn our lessons, grow and thicken our skin before we are ready.

In 2018 Dominika was ready. And so was I.

Impact Body & Mind is Dominikas passion project, and I’m so pleased to have been able to be the one to give her the Kick-Start she needed to bring it from an idea to something concrete.


Here’s what she said after the process:

“Kaisa made my passion project possible.

She has built very inviting, well structured and full of energy website, which I am proud to call mine. WHAT she does is great and speaks for itself online.

I am even more appreciative for Kaisa’s WHY and HOW. She stands for passion, authenticity, loyalty, transparency, integrity and enabling others. She listens to understand, stays patient, kind, constructive and challenges sufficiently. She helped me clarify my vision and the business model. She helped me stay dialed in, in times of doubt and overwhelm. She provided for very educative and fun process, and made me grow along the way.

Thank you for showing up as a creative website developer, business coach, accountability partner and true supporting friend. Thank you very much for getting me closer to living my passion.”

Dominika Dorobisz, Founder of Impact Body & Mind – 


We started the process when I was still on a maternity leave, so we took our sweet time. Dominika had a clear concept in mind when we started, but it needed a bit fine-tuning. We spent the first (creative) sessions together to brainstorm a concept and a name for her passion, and did the initial set up of the mood and colors.

The I created the initial website as a portfolio for Dominika to showcase her interests and approach to holistic wellness. Step 2 was to add offering, and a community around her interest. 

I also helped her to set up relevant Social media channels, with the appropriate on-brand images.