Yoga and diving in the Philippines

Reconnect Discover

During 2013-2017 we had our own company called Reconnect Discover. This was a crazy dream to combine our love for the Philippines with scuba diving, yoga, meditation and coaching, and to share this with others. In other words, my first big Passion Project 🙂 

It really is a story for another time, but this was the BIG IMPOSSIBLE DREAM we had while working in the corporate offices of snowy Finland. To escape to the white beaches, to quit the day-job, to do something totally different, to live closer to nature and closer to each other. I wanted to live my Passion of coaching, yoga and creation, which I felt was not possible at the time in Finland.

So when it comes to Passion Projects, I know what I’m talking about. And no Passion will be ‘too crazy’ if you ask me. I am a living proof that even the craziest of dreams do come true with some dedication, affirmation, visualisation and belief.


The concept of Reconnect Discover (and Reconnect Diving) was one of the most extensive brand products we have created to date. Our Passion baby, and our dream come true (us = me and my hubby). We created the concept, the branding, and the services were ran from the Philippines. Social media accounts were active and we even reached the Lonely Planet Philippines! Videos were done by our partner in the Netherlands, VDK Studios.