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Website Project Prep pack

You need someone to do your website, but you have no idea how to get started?

In this FREE Website Project Prep pack I will let you in on some industry secrets to help you get started! Because you need to feel confident and comfortable about your Passion business, and plan it like a pro that you are.

Let’s look at each guide a bit more in detail, shall we?


Guide to great questions

Sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know. Especially when it comes to your website (and branding), I bet you could use some help with what to ask your webdesigner when you hop on a call with them.

I can totally relate to the *crickets* when it comes to your website, because it’s not your expertise. At the same time it is your money and time, so you want to be able to make a solid choice when it comes to a designer.

In this guide you’ll get 21 essential questions (and my comments and answers to them) to guide you on your way to running this project like a pro.

Brand Images for Web

If you are investing in a website, you should also be investing in the images that go on your website.

Because let me tell you, I can do a lot when it comes to design, but there are no design tricks available to make a website look amazing if the quality of the images are poor (or don’t match your brand).

This is why I have made a Brand Images -guide which I always share with my clients to prep them for this part of the journey. You don’t have to have your images done before contacting your designer (in fact, please have your branding done first to know what kind of images to take), but this step is needed before website can be finalized.

Your Brand Personality

The personality of your brand will influence all of the decisions when it comes to branding and webdesign. Images, fonts, colors… they all have a personality, and it needs to match your brand.

This is information that every brand designer and web designer will need to know, so in this workbook you can already make a start of it and brainstorm about the personality of your brand.

It’s super fun, and it will show you how to look at your Passion business from a new point of view!

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