Kardelen Guidance

Coaching and Psychodynamic Therapy

Watching Yasemin from Kardelen Guidance start her Passion project has been amazing.

We knew each other from the Corporate world, and I’m grateful I got to meet Yasemin before she left to focus on her Psychodynamic Therapy studies, and to build up her own brand, Kardelen Guidance.

If someone is walking the walk and talking the talk, it’s Yasemin.

She has fearless energy when it comes to looking at her own convictions, habits and beliefs, and then re-building her life based on what she believes is right for her own soul, regardless of cultural inheritage. She has traveled, experimented and tried all of the methods she is teaching, and I cannot wait to see her do wonderful things in the world, and leading women to become the best versions of themselves, by example.

If you are in the Amsterdam area, check out her beautiful Women Circles (and maybe I’ll meet you there)!


What we did together

We started our process with a Brand Personality Questionnaire and an inspirational Pinterest Board to get an idea of the personality of her business.

Based on that I made a Brand concept for her (Kardelen means “snowdrop flower” in Turkish, Yasemins native language, and therefore received a special place in her branding). The colors are a inspired by her favorite color green, and from an oriental rug to reflect her cultural background. Fonts chosen are both powerful and feminine, just like Yasemin. 

The website provides a home for her growing business, a place where she can share her story and invite others to join her current Women Circles. 

As usual, I always include some graphics in the Website Promo Bundle, which includes on-brand social media templates so that launching the website will go in style as well! Plus some easy video + PDF tutorials on how to maintain the site moving forward.


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