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Making your business visual

Making your Passion business visual

You want to start your own business, but can’t figure out the tech?

You want to have your own website, but even the thought of it seems like a mega mountain to climb. Where do you even start? Not to mention the time it takes to figure it all out, the time that you should be spending on actually creating your business!
I totally get it!

Does this sound familiar?

You are longing to live life under your own terms

9-5 mentality is not for you, you want something more! You want to change the way you live your life, you want more freedom, time and power to live on your own terms!

You are overwhelmed with the technical aspects related to building your own website

You want to start building your passion into a business, but you feel overwhelmed with everything it takes to start it up. Website, hosting, plug-ins, content, branding, social media… it just sounds like ten jobs all in one.

You wish someone would help you get it all started

You wish there would be someone to brainstorm with you, to coach you, to give you the kick in the butt you need, and to take over all the technical elements involved in branding and webdesign. You want someone to kick-start your passion business and offer you a solution you can run with!

Let’s work together

What will you get?



We will kick-start the process with a creative session to clarify the goal for your Passion project, your target audience and your vision.


Hosting assistance, and a WordPress based website that is secure and working on all devices. All pages are SEO optimized. 


On-brand images and graphics for your business (when needed), making sure you are looking sleek and professional on all fronts.


The visual image for your Passion business includes a color palette, typography, wordmark logo set and a brand styleguide to tie it all together.



I work with WordPress Divi template, which is highly intuitive and visual drag-and-drop template. You will have full control of your site with it!


Stepping into your own spotlight can feel scary. This is why coaching is a big part of my services throughout the process. You will shine, my dear!

Branding and web design package

Passion Kick-Starter experience

Average timeline: 4-8 weeks

Price starting from:

3800 EUR

About the package

You will walk away with a clarified view of your passion business, brand guidelines to use in your business, a customized WordPress website that will be easy for you to update and maintain, and personalized graphics to match your business.

We will kick-start our step-by-step process with brainstorming to determine the brand voice and visuals for your business.

I will guide you with copy and content for your site, and build a website for your passion business you can be proud of.

At the end I will show you how easy it is to update your website with the visual drag-and-drop website template.

You can focus on serving your customers with your unique talents, and proudly be the face of your business!

Brainstorming to clarify your goals and offering

Branding package
Color palette
Typography (fonts)
Wordmark logo
Custom graphics
Business card design
Brand guidelines

Tech set-up
Hosting help (price of hosting excluded)
Setting up WordPress
Divi template
SSL certificate
Cookie banner

Website design
Coming soon-page
Custom website design (incl. max 8 pages)

Opt-in forms
Opt-in forms connected to your email service provider
Images of your e-product / freebie

Images and Graphics
Stock images
Social media channel graphics (for 3 channels)
On-brand graphics for your website

How to run your website
Maintenance guide

What they say


What do some of my recent clients say about the way we worked together to kick-start their Passion projects?

“Kaisa stands for passion, authenticity, loyalty, transparency, integrity and enabling others. She helped me clarify my vision and business model, and to stay clear in times of doubt and overwhelm. She provided for a very educative and fun process!

Dominika Dorobisz

Founder & Owner, Impact Body & Mind

“There are so many different elements involved in building an online presence, but with the help of Kaisa it was such a fun process. She helped me clarify my ideas and to structure it into a content I can be proud of.”

Leoni Jansen

Marketing & Operations, Pixel by Pixel Studio

For your questions

Questions & Answers

What do I need to deliver?

As soon as you book your project, I will send you a Brand Questionnaire which will get you thinking about the personality of your brand. We need to lock down the visuals aspects before the building of the website can start.

What you will also need to deliver is the website copy (the text for your website), as well as any specific images you’d like to use (pictures of you).

I will guide you in the making of the website text with an easy template, you’ll just have to fill in answers to questions and I’ll take care of the rest. I will also guide on what kind of images work the best, what to look out for etc.

How long is the process

The process depends a lot on you, and how clear you are with what you want, but usually we are done in 1-2 months. If you have everything ready (your homework, content, pictures, etc), the process is done closer to the 1 month.

I don’t work with many people at the same time, which means I work intensively with you.

What is the revision process like?

This is a collaboration between you and me, so we’ll do this together and in iterations.

We will first start with the visuals, aim and structure for your website. I will guide you to deliver the text for your website, as well as the images. 

You will have access to view the work in progress, and we’ll do up to 3 iterations rounds to make sure you are happy with the results!

What platform do you use?

For hosting I recommend Dreamhost.

For the website I use WordPress platform, and a Divi theme. Divi is a very modern, intuitive theme to use, and you will be easily able to do any updates by your self later on.

Can I pay in instalments?

When we start working together, you will need to pay 50% of the fee, and the remaining 50% before we finish. 

Do you also help market and sell my website?

No, marketing is currently not part of my packages. 

How soon can we get started?

It depends on two things. First, the length of the waiting list (usually 2-4 weeks). Second, how fast you are able to deliver the documents / content needed.

If you need to get started sooner, get in touch and let’s see what we can do to get you up and running as soon as possible!

How do you handle hosting?

You need a spot on the internet where your site will be hosted. This is an ongoing service (usually about 100 EUR / year), which is not included in my price. It’s important that you have access to this yourself, and full control over it.

My services will kick-start your passion project, but you have to take it from there. Meaning, I will not be involved in hosting the site for you.

What I will do, however, is help you set up the hosting with a recommended reliable hosting provider, so you don’t have to worry about this. And then for the rest of your journey you are directly linked to the hosting provider, no middle-(wo)man needed 🙂

Will my site be SEO optimized?

Yes, Search Engine Optimization is included, and I will provide you with some tips on how to SEO your blog as well going forward.

How about updates and maintenance?

During our project I will set everything up for you, and I will make sure that you will have a working website which is easy to maintain. Once we are finished, we will have a how-to session where I will show you how to update and maintain your site.

Plus, you will get manuals and other training material from me on how to maintain your site. 

Additionally, you will have free support for 4 weeks after the project is finished (max 2 hours a week), and I will keep a back-up of the original website (as delivered on the day of handover) for one year.

Should you need the original website files (as delivered on the day of the handover) after more than a year of handover, I charge an archiving fee of 100 EUR.

After the 4 weeks I am available for tech questions and maintenance issues related to the website (so not hosting related issues), just ask about my maintenance and support package! 

Do you work with international clients?

Yes, all you need is a working wifi and we can hang out!


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